Data Safety

256-bit SSL encryption provides the highest security of data transfer during web conferencing and protects your sensitive information from disclosure to any third parties.

Video and audio conferencing

We make it possible to arrange multi-user web conferences at any level of video quality (including HD). The inbuilt VoIP system of voice transmission allows participation in webinars regardless of a user’s location or a type of Internet connection.

Online presentations

Your webinars or online conferences can feature all types of multimedia: visual slides, documents, web-pages, photographs, audio and video files. Use the interactive board to highlight your key points.


Our unique scaling system allows disabling pop-up windows that are blocked in 95% of users’ browsers. With WEBIRING, pop-up windows will never disturb your online communication regardless of the dimensions of your monitor and the browser that you and other participants use.

Desktop Sharing

Every participant of your web conference is able to share his/her desktop with other attendees and get them to a higher level of web interaction.

No download required

WEBIRING services do not require any software installation and are compatible with all major operational systems. You can work directly in your Internet browser. The only requirement is Adobe Flash Player plugin, which is installed at 98% of personal computers.