About Us

Webiring is a cloud service providing innovative technologies for webcasting. Webiring is a perfect toolset for creating a web call center, broadcasting webinars and training seminars, web conferencing and arranging other types of online business meetings.


The Webiring company was founded by the international team of IT-specialists in 2011. By that time the market niche of cloud services has been already occupied by technology leaders, making it practically impossible for a start-up as ours to take our market space. That is why we decided to enter the international webcasting market only after developing unique and innovative products.

The idea of a unique service accidentally came to the Webiring founders back in 2010. One of the founders wasted half an hour trying to get necessary details while consulting at the local call center and finally… failed to hear what he wanted. And if there’s no call center you can get satisfied with, you have to invent your own.

A year later Webiring introduced Web Call Center, a brand new service unique to Europe. This is how we managed to break to the international market and leave webcasting giants behind.

Soon Webiring services were highly acknowledged in the East-European countries. Till today our audience keeps growing, this time in Western Europe. We know no bounds – so do your business opportunities with Webiring.

Your company can become another successful client to enjoy our innovative services. The main business idea of Webiring is striving for innovations.

Our Mission

Create innovative IT-solutions to encourage business development.

Our approach

For us progress is a major asset in today’s business environment Webiring values the time you spend to reach this progress. Our approach is to make this time shorter by developing cutting-edge technologies. We aim at speeding up your business breakthrough.

Our goals

  • - to discover innovative ways of business development
  • - to develop state-of-the-art software for business
  • - to implement and support modern business platforms
  • - to become the ultimate example of efficient business development

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