Zhana Grinuk
Associate Professor, Ph.D., chairman of the organizing committee of the International Festival OPEN, the national contest Brand of the Year, Director SATIO

SATIO center ahead of time or go with him in the leg. Not for nothing, organized by our company, the International Festival of geographic marketing and branding OPEN is the first project of this size and scale, not only in Belarus but also in the world. Since not everyone could get to the event was organized by the online broadcast, which was carried out employees Webiring →

Anatoly Akatinov
General Director of “Center for Strategic Development” Marketing system, “board member of the Association” Guild of marketers

June 19, 2012 in honor of the birth of the NGO “Marketers Guild” was a talk show, “Is there life on Mars: the situation of marketing development in Belarus”, was organized by youth social marketing project Market Bridge. Partner talk show was the company WEBIRING, which organized the online-broadcast of the event. This has greatly expanded the audience members talk show. →

Vadim Aleksandrovich Soroka
Chairman of the Board of the Association of HR managers

Thank professionals WEBIRING cloud service for the organization of promotional webinar dedicated to the II Forum of Professional Personnel, “Personnel Management in Belarus”. With your help we were able to convey information to the Forum in more detail and fully →

Denis Guryev
CEO at Webcom Media Group

We are grateful to WEBIRING Company for webcasting the Search Engine Marketing Conference’11 “Evolution”. Due to your services the event became available for all those interested in digital marketing. The conference reports were heard and seen far beyond Belarus →

Christina Adamchik
Educational Center Manager, TEZ TOUR Company Ltd.

High Technologies of Tourism is a slogan and a principle approach of the TEZ TOUR Company, an international travel agency. Every aspect of the company’s performance is constantly developing, involving all our employees. That’s why we were interested in trying a new WEBIRING service – webinars →

Press About Us

Belarusian travel agency invites tourists to a virtual office →

Want to plan your holidays abroad? You don’t need to waste lots of time visiting travel agencies anymore! Now every Belarusian tourist has the opportunity to get to the travel agency office from the comfort of their home. Difficult to imagine? We prove it’s possible. Just visit our virtual office and get a detailed consultation about your favorite resorts online.

TEZ TOUR introduced webinars, a new service for business partners →

TEZ TOUR Company introduces webinars, a new form of training seminars for its business partners. Webinars take place online in a real time mode. Each of the webinars is devoted to a particular region the travel agent works with. With the help of webinars the Education Center Manager provides brief information about the resort, its sales patterns, flights from Minsk and available tourist accommodations.